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Robyn Graham | Texas and Pennsylvania State Board Certified

The Only Permanent Hair Removal

Approved by the FDA


The Boardwalk at Towne Lake
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Robyn Graham is accommodating, educated and dedicated and will give you the best possible results.​

At Robyn's Studio we maintain the highest level of technical competence, professionalism, and follow the strictest CDC standards for sterilization and infection control.

Feel free to make a consultation with scheduled appointment. We would like to meet with you and answer any questions you may have regarding our services. We are dedicated to guiding our clients comfortably through the hair removal process while giving them excellent results and renewed self-confidence.

Temporary hair removal methods such as waxing, depilatories and threading can actually increase hair growth. For PERMANENT hair removal, electrolysis is the only choice. It works almost anywhere on the body - face, legs, under-arms, breast, abdomen, back and bikini line. It is effective on light or dark hair as well as all skin tones.

Electrolysis is the only proven method for removing unwanted hair PERMANENTLY.​
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Let us exfoliate, improve blood circulation, and improve the power of antioxidants with nourishing products.​
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