• 60 minute electrolysis treatment * $140.
  • Add on per minute after a 60M appointment * $2.

Electrolysis for the face and the body is available at comfortable levels of treatment with the Apilus xCell Electrolysis Epilator.

Our office maintains the highest standards of sterilization. We use mask, gloves and disposable filaments for every treatment. Everything used is either thrown away or placed in the autoclave.

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  • 15 minute electrolysis treatment * $55.
  • 30 minute electrolysis treatment * $70.
  • 45 minute electrolysis treatment * $105.

Electrolysis Treatments 

With over 25 years of experience to offer, you will receive great results that come with my electrolysis experience. Please see my Bio. My equipment is top of the line technology, an Apilus xCell Electrolysis Epilator that distributes 27.12MHz high frequency for ultimate comfort.

Robyn Graham  CME, CCE, CPE        Certified Medical Electrologist        Texas State Board Certified Laser CLHRP