Robyn Graham,

Certified Medical Electrologist

Hair Specialist Practitioner CME, CCE, CLHRP, CPE

  • National Board Certification: 1989 . 1994 .2023
  • Texas Laser CLHRP State Board Certified 
  • Certified Medical Electrologist 
  • Certified Clinical Electrologist
  • Pennsylvania & Texas CM and CO State Board Certified
  • American Electrology Association Member
  • ​The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal Member
  • Texas Association of Professional Electrologist Member

Robyn Graham  CME, CCE, CPE        Certified Medical Electrologist        Texas State Board Certified Laser CLHRP 

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Robyn has focused solely on Electrolysis and the biology surrounding the hair follicle for more than 25 years.    She recently attended Avante Laser Training Institute  to complete all 4 phases of  mandatory training to successfully achieve   Texas State Board Certification as a Professional HR Laser Specialist. 

Robyn has four beautiful children, all presently attending college.  Life's blessings.